About us

Ripórtico Engineering ‘s mission is to develop quality work in the preparation of the most diverse projects within the engineering and architecture , management and supervision or coordination of security works , seeking to add an asset to the region / country in which it operates .

A permanent commitment to the future of engineering and architecture, RIPÓRTICO is attentive to market developments , stimulating innovation and focusing on the optimization and development of technical skills of its staff .
Our performance with our customer is characterized by commitment to quality service , based on the technical and ethical rigor, seriousness and requirement .

Determined to continually improve our processes and resources for development – based on our Quality Policy – Ripórtico promote the setting – clear responsibilities and well -defined stages .

This approach is in line with the customer orientation that characterizes the attitude of Ripórtico Engineering .

In Ripórtico , invested in the importance of customer proximity , perfect managing their expectations and recognition of the added value of their ventures .

Our experience , differentiating attitude, skills and commitment to best practices , leading to certification Ripórtico Engineering APCER in ISO 9001:2008 , in accession to the APPC – Portuguese Association of Engineering and Management Consultants and the assignment of a differentiating role in markets we operate by active participation in partnerships and consolidated international experience .

Directed to an audience demanding a Ripórtico has assured the promoters of public works and private investors – as the Institutes and Public Companies , Municipalities , Construction Companies , Industry and Trade , Ateliers Architecture and other related agencies , professional conduct rigorous and personalized .

Quality Policy

– Commercial attitude, always trying to ensure the next service as job security and good performance management;


– Technical Rigor in solutions, striving for excellence in work, exceeding customer expectations;


– Compliance with Laws and Regulations in force;


– Efficiency Management, with good cost control and good budgeting;


– Continually improve the Quality Management System in all its perspectives – Financial, Marketing, Internal Processes and Resources for development.