Road between Salto and Chãs das Caldeiras


  • Project Name:Road between Salto and Chãs das Caldeiras
  • Location:Fogo Island
  • Client:MITT - Government of Cape Verde
  • Start date:01 February 2009
  • Project Value:7.557.795,31€
  • Term:3 months
Project Description:
The draft Implementation of Road Salto - Chãs of boilers on Fire Island was completed by Ripórtico following the previously approved Preliminary Study, project execution within 90 days of having been performed. The connection to the city of Salto tourist area of Chãs Boilers on Fire Island in Cape Verde develops in mountain over 13.175 km, taking 95 straight and 95 curved alignments, starting with a quota of 546.7 meters and ending at the Volcano Natural Park where the fire is located at a water level of 1761.40 meters.
Projects drawn from the road, cross and longitudinal drainage systems were developed, we also developed projects for some artwork needed (PH) and were still made ​​all necessary surveying.